Monday 17 December 2018
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Bath Salts: Enjoying the Internal and External Benefits

Bath Salts: Enjoying the Internal and External Benefits

Bath salts provide many benefits. Soaking yourself in a tub with bath salts loosens muscle tightness and improves irritations such as feet calluses and minor rashes as well as works on some skin conditions. Whether you have a stiff back or tired feet, these salts can help in improving how you feel.

Detoxifying the Body with a Bath Soak

Detox baths help in eliminating body toxins and pollutants. It makes use of steam and heat along with some ingredients like salts, herbs and seaweeds to eliminate impurities in the body. Detox baths are known to help with nerve and muscle function, eases stress and improves focus and sleep as well as offers relaxation.

Choosing a Bath Salt

When it comes to salts for bathing, ensure you don’t end up with the lumpy one. Your best option is bath salt in its crystalline form and have lots of natural ingredients. If you are a novice bath salt user, finding the right one can be overwhelming to you, especially that the product is available in various colors.  For a soothing effect, go for hues like purple and blues and yellow and orange for a warm effect. Also, bath salts differ in grain size as some are finer than others.

Perfect for a Summer Bath

If you are looking to enjoy a salt bath in the summer, consider using lighter and softer fragrances. Options include lavender, orange and lemongrass. During this time of the year, the body becomes toxic, dehydrated and more acidic and using bath salts consistently can lead to a boost in immunity and body cleanse. For the best results, it’s best to use bath salts two times every week as too much use can over-exfoliate the skin which can lead to redness and rashes.

The Effects on Beauty

Bath salts have both therapeutic and beautifying properties. Aside from soaking up in the tub sprinkled with the salt, you can also get its benefit by gently rubbing it over your knees, feet or elbows using a damp washcloth. Make sure you rinse the area thoroughly before you take a bath.

Using bath salts can benefit you both from the inside and outside. It moisturizes your skin and works wonders inside the body by easing some of your body tensions and minimizing pain and inflammation. Detoxifying your skin with these salts eliminates dead skin cells and makes the skin look more radiant.