Monday 17 December 2018
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How to locate Happiness Past the Absurdity in our Society

Our totally absurd society is characterised by aggression, terror, despair, violence, immorality, poverty, avarice, indifference, futility, hypocrisy, ignorance, envy, cowardice, and lots of other sad definitions.

However, a persons being attempts to live happily with the difficulties of survival, and besides residing in a wild world where justice is just a bet on forces, and lots of dangers threaten his happiness constantly.

He’d possess a completely different attitude if he was intelligent and sensitive enough to be able to know how idiotic his behavior is, since he lives by doing this. However, he cannot see their own absurdity, which is why he keeps attempting to be at liberty, besides residing in a real hell.

Happiness is really a feeling and condition of complete satisfaction. You will never achieve it, while residing in a hell.

Which means that we must transform the hell we reside in right into a paradise, to live happily on the planet.

The way in which things have reached the world, we can’t have the ability to live happily. This really is greater than impossible! Only idiots would insist upon looking for happiness while getting many opponents everywhere, even though suffering a lot for thus a lot of reasons.

The classic result of everybody is to consider a personal happiness, far from the crowd and also the problems around the globe, however this doesn’t seem possible: all of us fit in with exactly the same world, and we’re all affected by those things from the entire society.

If you wish to avoid the overall absurdity that characterizes the world and discover mental happiness and health, transforming where you reside together with your sensitivity and intelligence, you have to learn to decipher the wise messages from the unconscious mind in your dreams.