Wednesday 14 November 2018
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Your Alternatives For Maternity Care

Before you decide to should select a maternity care you need to think about:

o Would you’d rather receive much of your ante and postnatal care at the GP’s surgery, and visit the hospital just a couple of times while pregnant, after which to provide birth for your baby within the Consultant Unit? (This really is known as ‘shared care’)

For those who have a GP Unit at the local maternity hospital, your GP might be able to take care of you there whenever your baby comes into the world or be cared for through the hospital midwives.

Some Gps navigation are prepared to book you for any home birth and also to provide all of your maternity care before, after and during the birth of the baby. (However, it’s not necessary to possess a GP cover you for any home birth. A midwife has got the right and practical skills to consider sole responsibility for the maternity care provided no complications arise.)

o Would you’d rather receive much of your ante and postnatal care from the small group of midwives whom you will get to understand and something who can help you give birth? (Most areas are actually beginning to organise midwives into teams so this ought to be a genuine choice for you.)

o Would you’d rather receive care from the community midwife who’ll take care of you while pregnant, get into hospital along with you that will help you give birth after which accompany you home together with your baby a couple of hrs later on?

This really is known as the Domino plan. It isn’t available everywhere you have to ask your midwife or even the Director of Maternity Services at the local Maternity Unit about getting this sort of care.

You will find growing figures of hospital-based schemes running now which request each expectant mother looked after just by one midwife. Inquire if this type of plan is running at the hospital.

o Would you’d rather receive much of your care in the obstetricians in the local maternity hospital and attend antenatal clinics there although receiving postnatal care in the community midwives?

o Do you want to employ a completely independent midwife to look after you during your pregnancy and work until a couple of days after your child comes into the world?